AWS Consulting Services

I Visa and Documents Services LLC is your reliable AWS technology partner offering a wide range of AWS consulting services to help enterprises migrate to the cloud or build new cloud-based solutions. Our full range of services includes AWS consulting, cloud-based big data and analytics solutions, AWS cloud web services, and on-demand cloud implementation and support.


A Full Range of AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Our AWS consulting services experts are adept at evaluating, migrating your current apps to AWS cloud, and building cloud-based solutions that enhance your business profitability and productivity.

AWS Migration

Our experienced team of AWS consultants creates a full-proof migration strategy to successfully migrate on-premise applications to the AWS cloud. Modernizing your apps with AWS cloud migration helps you cut costs, save time, and accelerate growth.

App Development With AWS

AWS offers a range of frontend and backend tools that streamline app development for web and mobile. Our comprehensive and customized cloud services offer modern application development on AWS to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing landscape.

AWS Optimization

Our AWS consultants and AWS developers analyze your current AWS infrastructure and identify opportunities for optimizations to cut down costs, increase performance, and utilize the services more efficiently and effectively.

AWS Analytics Services

Extract valuable insights from data by using a wide range of tools and services offered by AWS analytics services. Our developers are well-versed with many tools, environments, and technologies to collect, analyze, and utilize data to make data-driven decisions.

AWS Consulting

We are an AWS consulting partner helping organizations harness the power of the cloud to realize the benefits of a modern development environment by using AWS services and technologies. We help our clients architect, plan, develop, implement, and manage cloud-based applications.

AWS Managed Services

Our cloud development services aim at offering helping organizations reap the benefits of the cloud through our end-to-end services such as consulting, cloud adoption, deployment, migration, optimization, and management services. We make the best use of the AWS cloud to scale effortlessly and operate efficiently.

Cloud-Native Development With AWS Development Services

Our AWS cloud service experts have ample experience in overcoming the challenges that are a part of cloud computing and ensure cost-saving and efficiency.


Key Benefits of AWS Cloud Consulting Services

We Evaluate cloud needs and architecture as per your own infrastructure requirements, offering a planned roadmap for different types of cloud computing services based on your workflows


One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the flexibility it offers. With cloud app development, you can seamlessly scale up and down services according to your needs. Cloud also provides superior accessibility as users can access cloud-based services from anywhere with the Internet. For today’s modern environment, a flexible architecture adapts to the changing needs and usability requirements.

Faster Time-To-Market

Increase the time-to-market of an app by leveraging cloud services to deploy your apps and websites. By adopting cloud services and technologies, you can build/ship changes faster, integrate innovation in your business, and rapidly respond to the changes in a market environment. Cloud helps achieve faster time-to-market with hassle-free administration and on-demand computing resources.

Data Security

With growing security concerns, it is vital to strengthen security measures and provisions for data protection. Cloud service providers offer secure data strategies and data encryption standards that secure your business-critical data and prevent data thefts. Data security is one of the important benefits of cloud computing with fault tolerance, almost zero possibility for data loss in case of hardware failures, and robust security features.


Many cloud hosts offer integrated data analytics solutions that enable organizations to unlock insights. Using cloud providers’ analytics services, you can manage data and get insights from it. It takes care of your data storage so you only need to focus on deriving insights from data to take better business decisions. With cloud-based insights, an organization can achieve efficiency, plan data-driven actions, and meet its business goals.


Pay-as-you-go model – this is one of the key advantages of cloud application development. Adopting cloud technologies give organizations a competitive advantage as it results in lower cost, and higher returns. You can easily access data 24*7 which will save time and cost. Cloud service providers follow the pricing model where you have to pay for the resources you are using and you don’t need to pay for any space/function you are not using.


Cloud technologies eliminate barriers to accessibility and foster an environment of close collaboration between scattered teams worldwide. It increases collaboration between teams and makes it very easier. Members of the team can share, collaborate, and connect securely and easily. Cloud computing platforms simplified collaboration between employees across organizations and enable a shared way of innovating, building, and shipping faster.

Hire AWS Consultants

Our team of AWS consultants and AWS developers can help you accelerate growth and increase productivity through cloud solutions and overcome technical challenges to the finest.


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Dedicated Development Team

Hire dedicated development team from I Visa and Documents Services LLC that works as your in-house IT team to deliver high-quality, secure, scalable, and reliable software solutions.

Start Your AWS Consulting Right With I Visa and Documents Services LLC

Our team of cloud engineers offers first-rate support in formulating a cloud environment for your business applications that takes care of your enterprise’s security, sensitive data, availability, and accessibility.


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