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I Visa and Documents Services LLC’s meter reading system is used for utility industries like gas, water, and electricity. This app for meter reading consists of a mobile device interface with a web admin panel. Field staff can capture meter reading values and issue spot billing with third-party integration using this application.

This versatile mobile meter reading app offers instant OCR meter reading and recording, invoice generation, invoice printing, and payment collection through mobile devices, attached to a Bluetooth printer, thereby reducing the time gaps between processes. The system is seamlessly integrated with SAP, from where the invoice data is fetched live, processed, and sent back, with payment details. Our spot billing system can be seamlessly implemented for a multitude of industrial domains to enable a faster, easier, and secure way to capture utility meter reading.

Key Highlights Of Mobile Meter Reading Application

This spot billing system from I Visa and Documents Services LLC read and store data at residential and commercial meters using OCR scanning technology. It enables your team to be more efficient and productive with error-free meter reading, saving your time and resources.

With 30 years of delivering enterprise solutions and services across the globe to our patrons, it is very important for us to know how they feel about our work, this is our most valued certification undoubtedly.

  • Streamline billing process across the countrywide utility service network
  • Reduce chances for inaccurate readings caused by human error
  • Automate meter service and maintenance request related processes
  • Eliminate timeframes in capturing meter reading data, updating back office, and generating invoices
  • Smooth payment collection processes
  • Spot bill generation and printing system on a mobile device
  • OCR meter reading using camera
  • Device authentication
  • Integration with SAP
  • Report generation

Key Features Of Spot Billing System

  • Download daily route and walk sequence details
  • Start route (For current day / previous pending customers of the billing cycle)
  • Capture meter reading (can include meter photo capture if required) and status of premises in mobile devices, along with geo locations
  • Meter readings using OCR technology
  • Validate meter reading and mark implausible readings
  • Send meter reading values to SAP and fetch billing and invoice information
  • Display pending invoices for printing
  • Printing of invoice on Bluetooth printer attached to mobile devices
  • Payment collection (only thru cheques/DD) and printing of receipt
  • Manage service & maintenance requests for meters with approval process workflow
  • Send SMS notifications to customers
  • Upload data to server and SAP (walk sequence, new customers, meter order, invoices, payment collected)
  • Device Authentication through MAC ID
  • Admin Section for managing master data and report generation

Benefits Of Meter Reading System

With a simple infrastructure and innovative setup, the custom spot billing software provides several advantages that make it a popular & effective solution. Here are certain key advantages of this solution:

  • Improved cash flow and increased revenue
  • Reduced cost of meter reading
  • Flexible reading schedules and eliminate delays in billing
  • Customer-centric processes and accurate meter readings
  • Integration of various activities at a centralized window
  • Increased transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Faster revenue generation
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Improved data quality and service
  • Efficient management of bulk data
  • Online monitoring of billing information
  • Accurate billing using OCR meter reading

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