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Software For The Hospitality and Travel Industry

There is a radical revolution around the globe, in the way travel and hospitality are perceived. For this highly competitive industry to survive, it is essential for companies to implement customized travel portal development and hospitality IT consulting solutions that offer the best user experience, efficiency, and robustness. This industry arena today is facing major hurdles such as continuously increasing demands of customers, staying at pace with the latest technologies, the effect of taxation changes, risk assessment, and mitigation, etc.

With our experience and expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, we have implemented comprehensive IT solutions for our clientele all around the globe which has directly offered the best of business results in terms of budget, effectiveness, productivity, customer satisfaction, sales, and further growth of the business.

Our Expertise

Our skilled pool of travel and hospitality software consultants, designers, and developers have been leveraging the potential of the most modern technologies and frameworks to work out a variety of travel and hospitality software that caters to a wide spectrum of travel and hospitality segments such as hotels, resorts, travel agencies, restaurants, etc. with a stringent focus on garnering optimal turn around time and maximum RoI. Based on customer requirements, our comprehensive solutions showcase a seamless integration with the latest happenings in the IT world like beacons, cloud computing, IoT, mobile devices, BI and big data analytics, etc.

Travel Management Software

A set of business software systems that focus on resource planning, management & operational control between different departments/sections/offices/locations. Diverse software modules to focus on separate working areas and integrated with each other through intermediate modules.

Vehicle Tracking System

GPS vehicle tracking system and monitoring of fleet owners for a variety of vehicles which look at everyday activities and where the focus areas are monitoring, configuring, and tracking of those vehicles, keeping a demanding eye on them. The mobile device sends vehicle information data, through GPRS connectivity & GSM-based SIM signals to the backend server.

Beacon Based Hospitality System

Beacon based solution has been one of the most comprehensive solutions, with an innovative and enhanced experience to guests, integrated appropriately with beacon support. Keyless entry, digital check-in are the key USPs.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobility enabled travel & hospitality IT solutions for the enterprise to accurately monitor and reach out to a large segment of on-the-go clientele with ease, efficiency and productive output.

Travel & Hospitality Mobile Applications

Mobile app development and customized mobile apps to access systems on the go, catering to exceptional guest service, hotel bookings, restaurant management, enhanced customer loyalty.

CRM/ERP System

Custom CRM development for travel and hospitality highlighting merger of features under each important area – Sales, Service, Marketing & Satisfaction. ERP system – A blend of business software solutions, meant for the industry, that emphasis on resource planning, management & operational control between diverse


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With our experience and expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, we have implemented comprehensive IT solutions for our clientele all around the globe which has directly offered the best of business results


Our Benefit

The integration of cognitive technologies in travel apps can collect and process requests at a much faster pace. Besides, you can smartly allocate your resources to handling feedback and preparing effective strategies.

Enhance Customer Experience

Customers raise queries whenever they feel hassle and an immediate resolution or attention to their query would strongly build relationships. Building a concierge app automates the queries and you can resolve them within no time.


Traditionally, hotels have to hire, train and pay remunerations to the employees who specifically provide concierge services every month. Now with the innovation of mobile apps, a one-time investment could turn out to be economically worth it against a traditional pattern.

Branding & Customer Engagement

Branding and advertising play a major role in the success of the applications. Delivering effective on-time and hassle-free services could boost and uplift the brand stake and help in better customer engagement.

Luring Millennial

Most of the travelers are millennials and they are frequent as well. You can grab attention by integrating chat-bots in the concierge apps. With the help of Chatbots, smart and effective communication takes place which will positively impact mobile app users.

Money Making App

Apart from offering unmatched classic concierge service, you can also monetize the concierge app by collaborating with third-party vendors (cab booking service, food delivery, etc). Guests would prefer a single app rather than multiple apps for different purposes. Also, you can opt for paid subscriptions to advertise your apps. This will attract a horde of guests to your concierge apps.


Concierge apps are counterparts of humans employed at the hotel reception. And humans have limitations at certain points in time, while apps can be built using numerous technologies. This includes cognitive, tool stack, and many more.









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